Polinsys for Overseas Education and Immigration to some of the World's Best Destinations!

Global Opportunities for everyone!

Polinsys is one of the worlds leading Career Specialists for Global Opportunities. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we conduct business is over 12 countries. We are engaged in every aspect of Overseas education, Immigration and re-settlement options. We are also focussing on domestic education, Overseas Education and Overseas career opportunities.

Company Roots:

In India, Polinsys began its operation in February, 1997 under the banner of Polar Consultants. Polar Consultants specialized in providing Immigration and re-settlement services to Canada. Polar became a Private Limited Company in 2004 under the name of Polinsys (Pvt.) Ltd. The name was changed to Polinsys to convey a clearer, stronger and more unified presence around the world. Polinsys is approved by the Protector of Immigrants, Govt of India and director/s of Polinsys are members of CSIC and Fellow of the Canadian Migration Institute.

Polinsys offers the following services:

  • Immigration and Re-settlement services to Canada
  • Immigration and Re-settlement services to New Zealand
  • Nursing Programs in New Zealand
  • Education Opportunities in Canada
  • Education Opportunities in New Zealand
  • Education Opportunities in Australia
  • Education Opportunities in Singapore

The Future: Polinsys will introduce Immigration opportunities to Australia shortly and will also include Immigration opportunities to Singapore as and when the rules allow!

Global Scope

Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce consists of approximately 164 employees at 22 locations. In 2008 Polinsys was one of the top registrants for Immigration applications to Canada in select areas. Polinsys has a global capacity of processing 32 applications per day with which includes verification of documents. This capacity allows us to have a prepardness of 800 immigration applications per month.

Technology and Professonalism:

Polinsys is technology focussed when it comes to operations, from start to finish. Our director pool includes Microsoft Certified Engineers & therefore, we want technology to propell our growth. We're focusing on technologies that improve our effeciency. Our software driven counselling processes and our unique profile search provides our counsellors the best tools in the industry to identify, target and go after the best prospects for Immigration or Work Permit requirements. In addition to representing overseas education and immigration interests, select Polinsys offices offer IELTS language training and CRNE training programs for prospective nurses taking up assignments in Canada. Credentials: Our Director/s are certified by CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants).We are also licenced by The Protector of Immigrants, Govt of India. Please verify our credentials when you visit any of our offices.